7 Interesting Experiments Using Vinegar


VinegarVinegar is a liquid that is common in most of the kitchens. Though it has many different benefits, it is mainly used as an ingredient while cooking. It is used for freshening up the fridge, brighten your stained coffee and tea cups, eliminate foul odours, and many more. Vinegar is nothing other than ascetic acid. Read further to find seven interesting experiments using vinegar.

1. Vinegar on Copper Coins Experiment

If copper coins are exposed to oxygen, they will turn dull and shabby. Do you know why the copper coins get dirty when it is exposed to oxygen? When the copper is exposed to oxygen, a reaction takes place to foam copper oxide. Copper oxide gives a shabby look to the coins. How can we clean the copper oxides away and get our copper coins shinning? See this article to learn more about vinegar on copper coins.

2. Milk and Vinegar Experiment

What happens if you mix vinegar with milk? Will there be a reaction or will it be just like mixing water to milk? If there will be a reaction, how is it going to change milk and vinegar? Read this experiment of milk and vinegar to learn about it.

3. Liquid Battery Project

Have you ever thought of how batteries function? It is always fun to have a battery made by us. This is an interesting experiment which can be done with easy to get things around us. We can also make batteries from fruits… but here we are discussing about making a battery using vinegar.

4. Fizz Inflation: Vinegar Experiment

Balloons are fun. Inflating balloons is also interesting, but of they are only a few. If we have hundreds of balloons to get inflated, the process is a pain. Let us use vinegar and baking soda through this experiment to get our balloons inflated.

5. Chemical Boat

Do you love to travel by boat? Some of us love to enjoy a boat journey while some others may not. Do not worry! We are not going to have a real boat journey. Let us make a boat that can propel with vinegar and certain other things using this chemical boat – vinegar experiment.

6. Homemade Fire Extinguisher

This vinegar experiment is fun and can be of use when it is really an emergency. We know that fire extinguishers are one of the top most safety requirements in most commercial and residential buildings. See this vinegar experiment for learning to make homemade fire extinguisher.

7. Bouncing Egg With Vinegar

You know that eggs do not bounce. If you want to get an egg bouncy, we need to do some trick. This trick can be done with vinegar. So, try the bouncing egg vinegar experiment here.

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