Amazing Facts About Bacteria

Amazing Facts About Bacteria

Amazing Facts About BacteriaAmazing Facts About Bacteria: Do you believe that you can see all organisms around you? If yes, you are miserably wrong. There are many single celled organisms that can’t be visible through our naked eye. There are so small organisms present in air, in our body, underground and every nook and corner of our nature. They are living with the nutrients from their surroundings. One category among these microorganisms is called ‘Bacteria’. They are shapeless and is found around us for millions of years, even older than humans on earth.

We humans  fear about bacteria. The fear is due to the varied diseases caused by these microorganisms – Bacteria. True, they can cause diseases but the are also useful to humans and the earth in many ways. So, are you ready to read some of these amazing facts about bacteria? If then, let’s read further.

Seven Amazing Facts About Bacteria:

  1. We are eating bacteria!  Yes of course, we are drinking bacteria, we are eating bacteria, and even we are breathing bacteria. Interestingly, we use bacteria to prepare some of our favourite food items like yogurt and cheese. Bread, pickles, wine, and other fermented dishes are also made with the help of bacteria. Interesting, are they not?
  2. One organism – different shapes:  Everything around us are in a shape. But amazingly bacteria do not have a particular shape and size. They are so tiny and come in all sorts of shapes such as spiral, sphere and rod. Some bacteria have a long tail called flagella using this they can swim around. That was our second among the seven amazing facts about Bacteria.
  3. Good Vs bad bacteria:  People fear bacteria, because some of them can cause diseases. These bacteria are called as pathogens. They affect both animals and plants very seriously. To fight against those pathogens we have medicines like antibiotics and antiseptics. Do not think that these medicines are always chemicals. The nature is blessed with several natural antibiotics and antiseptics like garlic, cayenne, ginger, and others. Well, there are also good among these bacteria. Let’s see some of them:
  • Bacteria in the soil: As we learned before, there are bacteria living in soil too. Some of these bacteria are so hardworking that they increase the level of nutrients.
  • Decomposers: Well, as the name suggests, they do the work of decomposition. These bacteria help the nature by decomposing the dead plants and animals in the soil.
  • Rhizobium bacteria: We know that plants absorb nutrients from soil. And among many, nitrogen is inevitable for plants. They absorb nitrogen and Rhizobium help to fertilise the nitrogen in the soil.
  • Some fight against bad organisms in our immune system: There are many tiny organisms including bacteria in our human body to keep our immune system intact. This means there are also bacteria who fights against the bad microorganisms to protect our body.

4. Relation with human body:  Bacteria can enter into our body in many ways; through water, through food, through air, etc. While living in our body, some of them steal our nutrients and release poison in to our body, which causes diseases in us. What we need to do for keeping ourselves away from these dangerous bacteria? We will discuss about this in a different post. 

5. Bacteria can cure illness too:  We learned that there are bacteria who causes illness to animals and plants. We also learned that there are bacteria which are good for animals and plants. Some of these bacteria are so good to cure some of our ailments. There are several ongoing researches that study the ways to cure diseases using bacteria.That was the fifth among our seven amazing facts about bacteria.

6. Bacteria are old organisms: Do you know how old are these bacteria? Humans or the oldest variants of our species walked on earth somewhere 200,000 years back. However, bacteria started their existence on our planet for more than 3 billion years now. So, they are older than humans on our planet.

7. They are Important:  We can’t list out the importance of bacteria on a page of paper. The process of fermentation helps to make vinegar, some chocolates and coffee. Bacteria are used in mining. They are also used to repair concrete and create other building materials. They can detect pollution and clean up oil spills. They also clear nuclear wastes. They does a lot of decomposition work to keep our planet livable. As recent research they are sources of energy and can replace the battery in the nearby future.There are also ongoing researches that explains the use of bacteria on treating diseases.

Well, if you loved reading our amazing facts about bacteria, find more facts from our Fun Facts Section.

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