Amazing Facts About Potassium Chloride

Potassium ChlorideChemical elements which bonded by chemical elements are called chemical compounds. The chemical compound which formed by the bonding of Potassium (K)  and Chloride (Cl) is called KCl or Potassium Chloride. KCl does not have a specific odor and colour but it resembles like Sodium Chloride (NaCl). Potassium Chloride is widely used in agriculture as fertilizer, in medicine as a drug ingredient and in many scientific applications. Some amazing facts about Potassium Chloride are here:

Amazing Facts About Potassium Chloride:

Fact 1: Odorless and colorless

Well, we can’t say it is colourless as it has a white colour. Potassium Chloride is white in colour and has no specific odor. The compound is a crystal type solid and if tasted it is bitter in taste.

Facts 2: Use as a medicine

For the effective functioning of human body potassium chloride is essential. It maintains blood pressure level, nerve conduction, energy production process, smooth and skeletal muscle contraction. Since its bitter in taste, we mix the compound with Sodium Chloride (Table Salt) and uses in food. Also, it prevents Hypokalemia (Low Potassium levels in the blood).

Facts 3: Silvyte and Silvinyte

Potassium Chloride occurs naturally. Sometimes we can extract KCl from the mineral sylvite and in some other times it occurs with Sodium Chloride in the form of mineral Sylvinite.

Fact 4: Structure similar as sodium chloride

As we have discussed earlier, Potassium Chloride has no specific order or colour (it is white in colour). However, it has a chemical structure that is similar to the ordinary table salt (NaCl) or Sodium Chloride.

Fact 5:  Main content of fertilizer

Not just humans, plants too require Potassium Chloride for their growth. The compound helps plants to intake potassium and for protien synthesis. That explains the use of KCL in fertilizer manufacturing. So fertilizer makers add large amounts of KCl in the fertilizer. It helps the plant to intake the potassium.

Fact 6: Properties

KCl is soluble in a variety of polar solvents like water, ammonia etc. To know more about polar solvents read our science lesson on polar solvents. We did already discuss about the crystal structure of potassium chloride. Similar to our table slat, KCl has a crystal structure.

Fact 7: Production

Mining is the main process of extracting potassium from its minerals. Underground ore deposits contains the minerals (Sylvite and sylvinyte). They are mined and extract the Potassium content from it.

Fact 8: Dangerous sometimes

Every substance is dangerous when we consume it in large quantity. Very large amount of potassium chloride is harmful and toxic. This will cause side effects and will need proper medical attention. Some of the side effects caused by this chemical compound are nausea, vomiting, gas trouble, abdominal pain/discomfort and diarrhea.

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