Schoolers Science in Action YouTube Contest 2017

Action Science Contest 2017

Discover young scientists in your child. Learning is an experience of exploring new things. If your child has the right amount of curiosity, you must encourage him to take Schoolers Science in Action YouTube Contest. We help you learn SCIENCE simple and easy.

Action Science Contest 2017

What is the challenge?

The challenge is to watch five science experiment videos (given below) and your child should be able to identify the logic behind each experiment. Not just identify, he or she must write the correct logic in the comments box of each YouTube videos (you can type in the words as he narrates).

The comments entered between June 1st and July 15th of 2017 will only be considered.


  1. Visit our YouTube channel FunBrains ( and subscribe

2. Open the contest videos on YouTube window:

Schoolers Science in Action YouTube Contest 2017 Schoolers Science in Action YouTube Contest 2017 Schoolers Science in Action YouTube Contest 2017
 Schoolers Science in Action YouTube Contest 2017  Science contest

3. Write the logic of each experiment in the comments section of YouTube Window. Do not forget to mention your name and school.

4. That’s all.


Grand Prize Winner

Bumper Schoolers Box and free 6 months subscription to Schoolers Monthly Boxes

10 Lead Winner Prizes

3 selected contestants will receive Bumper Schoolers Box

Honorable Mention

10 selected contestants will receive appreciation prizes from Fun Brains

Selection Procedure

Winners are selected based on the logic mentioned in their comments. If contestants with correct answers are more than the prizes, winners will be randomly selected by lottery method.

Winners will be declared on 20th of July.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry Up!!!


By the way, we have a large collection of experiments and science activities for kids. Please visit our experiments section for over 750 experiments. We do also have regular posts on simple and interesting lessons for school goers and some fun to read stories.

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