Life is not all about stories and imaginations! We need to help kids learn about the facts. Sun rises in the east and sets in the west is just an imagination of people. The truth is that we are rotating the Sun to have days and nights. Our fun facts are interesting at the same time educating. Browse through our vast collection of cool facts  and help your child learn things better; maybe you too will get a point or two from some of our fact posts.

We have a good collection of amazing cool facts that many probably did not know. Go through our amazing science facts, cool earth and space facts, facts about daily life, and many more. Our fun and cool facts also include ‘do you know why‘ posts and ‘what do you mean by‘ posts. Our ‘do you know why‘ posts help you understand why things behave in a unique manner while ‘what do you mean by’ posts are meant for explaining a concept or theory. So, what are you waiting for? browse some of our best and amazing facts below…

Cool Facts for Kids and Adults

Protective Mimicry of Spiders - Spiders act as ants

Spiders act like ants to avoid getting eaten | A perfect protective mimicry

Spiders or ants – which of them appear scarier? Well, I doubt there’s anybody out there who’s scared of ants, ...
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Sharks do not have tongues

Sharks ‘Shrug’ Their Shoulders to Swallow Food | Sharks Do Not Have Tongues

Do you know that the sharks do not have tongues? Sharks do not have tongues! Yes, sharks do not have ...
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Bee Hotels

Bee Hotels, an abode for the lost bees

Honey bees scare many of us. However, bees are oftentimes named as “nature’s tiny workers”. They play a critical role ...
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What is traumatic brain injury?

What is Traumatic Brain Injury? Interesting Facts About TBI

You must have learned about several injuries and health ailments, but what is Traumatic Brain Injury? Is Traumatic Brain Injury fatal? ...
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Do You Know: Why there are No Dinosaurs in the World Today?

Who said dinosaurs are extinct? We are still seeing dinosaurs. Okay, we will discuss about that but let’s understand who ...
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Do You Know: Why People Get Sick?

Today, there are so many health problems known to humans, ranging from common cold to heart failures, and from diabetes ...
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Do You Know: Why We Need Sleep?

Is sleep not a waste of time? We could play or study during that time as well, couldn’t we? No, ...
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Do You Know: Why is Earth Round?

We know that the Earth is one of the planets of the Sun. It is positioned after Venus and before ...
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day and night

Do You Know: What Causes Day and Night?

We experience days and nights and see sunrises and sunsets. Most part of the earth experiences as we do. Days ...
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Do You Know: Why Apple Slices Change their Color After Being Cut?

Have you ever noticed that apple slices color change after it is being cut and kept for a while? There must ...
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Do You Know: Why do Animals and Birds Migrate?

Yes, they do migrate. Birds, animals, insects, and reptiles migrate. Organisms under water like fish too migrate. But why do ...
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sunset red

Do You Know: Why is the Sunset Red?

In our previous DYKW post we had seen that why the sky is blue. The next question comes, why is ...
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