Corrosive Effect of Coke

Corrosive Effect of Soda

You might be so happy to sip and enjoy those fizzy drinks. They are indeed bubbly and chill. But do you know about the effect they have on our household items? Our project – corrosive effect of coke – is meant to assess the effect of soda on coins. Well, there is more about these fizzy drinks. We are also discussing about the effect of these fizzy drinks on our health towards the end of this project.

What is corrosion? Corrosion means the gradual destruction of a metal by chemical reaction with their environment.

Project Questions:

  1. How does fizzy drinks affect coins?

Things that you need:

  1. A can of Coca-cola
  2. A can of Red Bull
  3. A can of 7 Up
  4. A bowl of water
  5. A few tissue papers
  6. Three flat containers to keep the coins
  7. Camera
  8. Project sheet


Step 1: For the Corrosive Effect of Coke project, collect 15 similarly old and dull coins of same denomination. Take three flat containers and keep 5 coins each in those containers in a row (do not allow to sit a coin on another). Take a photo of the coins.

Step 2: Pour Coca-cola over the coins arranged in the first tray (container), and Red Bull and 7 Up on the coins arranged in the second and third tray respectively.

Step 3: Allow the coins bath in respective fizz drinks for a day. Return to the coins and flip them over before you go to bed.

Step 4: It’s a wonderful morning! Coins spent a whole day and a night in the fizzy drinks. Now it’s time to take them out and wash them in water. Wash the coins of each tray separately in a bowl of water and dry them using a tissue paper. Keep them in threes different rows (each row for each tray of coins).

Step 5: Take another photo and compare with the first photo. Has anything changed? Note your observations.

Project data chart:

Parameter Coca-Cola Coins Red Bull Coins 7 Up Coins
Change of Colour Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No
Change of Shape Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No
Change of Thickness Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No
Your Conclusion:



You can also try our Red Bull Milk Reaction experiment to understand the effect of Red Bull on Milk.

Health Effects of Coke, Pepsi, 7 Up and Other Fizzy Drinks

Fizzy drinks or carbonated drinks such as Coke, Pepsi, 7 Up and others are fun to consume. At least a few of us also believe that they are good for relieving gastric problems. However, are they really good for our health? Sugar content in these carbonated drinks is one of the primary concerns. Most carbonated drinks including Pepsi and Coke has a lot of sugar in it. Excessive consumption of sugar is not good for health.

Consuming these fizzy drinks regularly can develop addition in a person. Drinks like Pepsi and coke comes with caffeine in them. Further more, the preservatives used in them can also be harmful for our health. Though occasional consumption of fizzy drinks does not affect our health badly, avoiding the regular usage of them is suggested. However, trying our project – corrosive effect of coke – doesn’t harm your health.

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