How dinosaurs got extinct?

How dinosaurs got extinct

How dinosaurs got extinctDinosaurs ruled the world a few millions of years back and they still rule our thoughts. These dinosaurs first appeared on our planet about 200 million years ago. As years passed, they had grown to become the supreme life-forms but suddenly got extinct from the face of earth. How dinosaurs got extinct so suddenly? Or, what killed the dinosaurs?

Though many scientists and researchers tried answering the question, ‘how dinosaurs got extinct so suddenly?’, the exact reason for their disappearance is still a mystery. The cause of dinosaur extinction could be of anything or a combination of different things such as, climatic changes, volcanoes, asteroid hit, birth or death of plant communities, or any other reason.

Among the popular theories that defined ‘how dinosaurs got extinct from the Earth’ is the extraterrestrial impact theory. The theory is based on the discovery of a layer of rock that is as old as the extinction of dinosaurs. Interestingly, the layer is found all over the world, both on land and in the oceans, and is rich in iridium. iridium is rare on Earth though it is found in meteorites at the concentration exactly as in the discovered layer of rock. This made scientists to think that the possible extinction of dinosaurs was due to a meteor or asteroid hit. A 240 kilometer wide crater in Chicxulub, Mexico adds further emphasize to the theory.

However, the Earth’s core also contain abundant iridium. This leads to another concept that suggests a massive eruption as the reason of the extinction. While such a volcanic eruption could have possibly caused a tremendous temperature raise, in reality there was a fall in temperature some 65 million years ago. So what else? Was it another occurrence of ice age? Or, did the growth of some flowering plants caused the trouble? The questions are yet to be answered.

However, while we are still searching for the correct reason for the sudden extinction of dinosaurs, a recent discovery of dinosaur eggs at Patagonia gives more light to their ancient kingdom.

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