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DIY Lava Lamp

Several years before, when I was a kid, I happened to see a lava lamp in one of my friend’s house. It was gifted to him by his uncle who used to work in Dubai. I loved the lamp so much that I wanted a similar one in my house too. I was not served with any DIY Lava lamp activity then, and so I had to suppress my wish. It is not the same now; we can buy our choice of lava lamp from a nearby gift shop. However, it is more thrilling to make one by ourselves. In our ‘DIY Lava Lamp activity’ you will learn how to make a lava lamp all by yourself.

Try it yourself

You need:

  1. A tall glass tumbler or a clear bottle
  2. Oil
  3. Water
  4. Colour
  5. Glitters
  6. Two sachets of ENO

What next?

Step 1: Clean and dry the glass tumbler.

Step 2: Pour in water and mix your choice of colour to it. The water should not be more than a quarter of the glass.

Step 3: Add some glitters to the glass.

Step 4: Fill the glass almost till the top (leave a bit of space to avoid overflow) with the oil.

Step 5: Open one of the ENo sachets and add it to the glass. Once the ENO reaches the water, you will notice that ENO bubbles up and the coloured water forming a lava lamp effect.


What is the logic behind DIY Lava Lamp Activity? We know that oil and water do not mix and as the water is denser than oil water remains at the bottom of the glass. When you add ENO into the glass, the powder will penetrate through the oil and touches water. The contact of ENO with water causes reaction and produces carbon dioxide gas. This will let water to bubble up and create a lava lamp effect. Simple!

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