Dome of Water – Surface Tension Experiment

Dome of Water

Create a Dome of water? Yes of course, dome of water. We can create a dome of water on a simple coin. This is an easy to do science experiment that can be done at home by even a small kid. The experiment is fun and it teaches us Surface Tension. Surface tension is a property of liquid that results in holding the particles on the surface layer inward to the larger mass of liquid. Enjoy this experiment and try to find more of it by doing something new.

Try it yourself

You need:

  1. Water
  2. Filler
  3. Coins of different sizes
  4. That’s all

What next?

Step 1: Keep the coins of different sizes on a flat platform; in a row.

Step 2: Use the filler to pick water and pour slowly on the coins (one after the other).

Step 3: Continue pouring and you will see that the water is tightly held inward like a dome (or a semi bubble) on the coins.

Even if you pour several drops over the surface capacity of the coin, the water won’t spill. Why this happens?


Why water doesn’t spill from the surface of the coin? Why a dome of water forms on the surface of the coin? The answer is simple – due to surface tension of water. Like any other liquid, water too has the property of surface tension. Surface tension attracts the particles of a liquid on its surface to the larger bulk of the liquid (inwards). If you love to try another experiment that explains surface tension and demonstrates the effect of surfactant, please see our milk explosion experiment.

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