7 Awesome Dry Ice Science Projects

Dry Ice Science Projects

Dry ice can be a good entertaining option for your upcoming science project. But, what is dry ice? Do not panic; dry ice is not so uncommon in our markets. It is just the solid form of carbon dioxide. Now, the question is where can we get it? You can find dry ice in your neighborhood lab supplies store. In fact, you can even make dry ice at your own home. In this article we are sharing with you 7 awesome dry ice science projects.

7 Awesome Dry Ice Science Projects

Before we continue, there is a small warning! Dry ice is obviously fun, but at the same time, it can cause frostbite. Hence, use necessary precautions like heavy duty gloves while handling dry ice.

1. Let’s Make Dry Ice at Home. 

Ten Interesting Dry Ice Experiments Ten Interesting Dry Ice Experiments

There cannot be any dry ice science projects without having some dry ice. So, is it not a good idea to start with making your own dry ice at home? Do you have a soda maker at your home? Well, that’s it… you can make your needed dry ice from the soda maker that you have. Well, do not worry if you don’t have a soda maker. Just pick a fire extinguisher and make adequate amount of dry ice to perform your choice of dry ice science projects.

2. Make a Giant Bubble Using Dry Ice

Ten Interesting Dry Ice Experiments

Wow! a giant bubble? Of course, this can be a wonderful project idea to surprise your friends and teachers. All you need for this experiment is some dry ice, soap water, glycerin, water, and a damp cloth. Read more…

3. Make a Foggy Bowl Using Dry Ice

Ten Interesting Dry Ice Experiments

Would’t that be so catchy to have a foggy bowl to impress your friends? Well, this is my favorite among all the dry ice science projects. We only need two things for this experiment – dry ice and a bowl of warm water. Read more…

4. Make a Rocket Using Dry Ice

Ten Interesting Dry Ice Experiments

We all love seeing the speed and thrust of a rocket. Why don’t we make a rocket using dry ice and needle-less syringe? This is going to be fun and interesting; hey you will also learn Sir Isaac Newton’s third law using this experiment.  Read more…

5. Try Making a Comet Using Dry Ice

Ten Interesting Dry Ice Experiments

Comets are space objects having the size of a small town. It is made up of organic gases, rocks and dust. In this project, we are making a Comet using dry ice to explain the structural features of a comet. Read more…

6. Shivering Coins on Dry Ice

Ten Interesting Dry Ice Experiments

Shivering coins? yes, you read it right. This project is going to be the funniest among our seven awesome Dry Ice science projects. Here we need a block of dry ice and a few coins. Read more…

7. Create a Sound Amplifier Using Dry Ice

Ten Interesting Dry Ice Experiments

Sound amplifiers can be so expensive, at least for a school kid like you. Don’t worry, let’s make a creative sound amplifier using some dry ice and a balloon. I am sure you will enjoy this project and so your friends and teachers. Read more…

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