Egg Experiment with Vinegar and Corn Syrup


eggEgg Experiment with Vinegar and Corn Syrup: Do you know that eggs are healthy for kids? It is also fun to do some interesting experiments with eggs. This egg manipulation experiment uses an egg and few more items that you can find in your mom’s kitchen or in the nearest grocery shop. However, safety precautions has to be taken when ever you do an experiment at home. So, let us see how an egg transforms and learn the logic behind the transformation through our egg experiment with vinegar and corn syrup.

Try it yourself

You need:

  1. An Egg (you can keep a couple of eggs in hand; to use if the first one broke when handling)
  2. Vinegar
  3. Food color (we used Blue, you can choose your own favorite color)
  4. Corn syrup
  5. Water
  6. Glass bowls

What next?

Egg manipulation experiment has several phases and each phase has many steps. You need to carefully follow the instructions as given below:

Phase 1: Disappear egg shell
This phase can be done with the help of vinegar. This part was explained in our Bouncing Egg Experiment. Yes, not only that the egg’s shell will disappear, but also it will bounce (unlike the raw eggs with its normal shell).

Phase 2: Shrinking egg
Step 1: Fill another glass bowl with corn syrup.

Step 2: Take the processed egg (bouncing egg that is processed using vinegar) and put it into the corn syrup.

You will notice that the egg is floating on the corn syrup.

Step 3: Leave the egg inside the corn syrup overnight.

You will notice that the egg is shrunk and deflated. Why this happens?

Phase 3: Coloring egg

Step 1: Fill a glass bowl with water

Step 2: Add some drops of food color to the water and mix it well

Step 3: Leave the processed egg from phase 2 in the colored water for overnight.

Step 4: See what happened to the egg on next morning.
You will see that the egg is once again round and full. The color of the egg will be slightly bluish. If you try to bounce the egg it will break. The water within the egg will have the bluish color.


Let us see the logic behind each phase of our Egg Experiment with Vinegar and Sugar Syrup:

Phase 1: The vinegar is acetic acid and it dissolved the chemicals (calcium) on the egg shell. This makes the egg bouncy and shell-less.

Phase 2: The egg shrinks when it is in corn syrup. This is because of osmosis. Osmosis is a phenomenon that explains the passing of water inward and outward of cells. The passing of water is through the semi-permeable membranes. The amount of water inside the egg is higher than that of the water inside corn syrup. This makes the water to ooze out through the semi-permeable membranes of processed egg (vinegar processed).

Phase 3: When you keep the egg in colored water, the water starts entering into the egg through the membrane. Once again it is osmosis. So, you can narrate on your own the remaining things.

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