Examples of Static Electricity

Examples of Static Electricity:  Static electricity is the electric charges generated through friction. When two different materials come in contact, electrons may transfer from one material to the other. The acquired electrons changes one material as a negatively charged. This accumulation of imbalanced charges on the material results in the phenomena, static electricity. This article gives you some common examples of static electricity.

Here are some examples of static electricity in our day to day life:

  • Examples of Static ElectricityWhen we walk on a carpeted floor and getting shock when touching a door knob or any other metal object is one of the best examples of static electricity.
  • Clothes stuck to one another after being in the dryer is another example of static electricity.
  • When dry hair is brushed with a plastic comb static electricity is produced. If it is done in a dark room you will notice the sparkles.
  • The same thing; when a comb is passed through the hair, the hair which is dry starts falling apart from each other or it may be in strands and start moving apart.
  • When plastic pen passes through a woolen garment, a static electricity is generated. Because of this the plastic pen can attract small pieces of papers.
  • Lightning is one of the main examples of static electricity. The positive and negative charges inside the cloud makes the electric current and causes the lightning.
  • Do you know that you can even bend a stream of water using static electricity? Why don’t you try it all by yourself using our instructions here.

Well, there are many more examples of static electricity that we experience in our daily life. Why don’t you mention some of your unique experiences in our comments box and share with our friends?

Also, you can try our static electricity school project and impress your friends and teachers.

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