Are you looking for some of the most wonderful short stories with moral? We have a good collection of stories for kids that can engage them, entertain them, and mould them by giving values of life. We have many great stories for children.

Stories are wonderful ways to entertain, engage and teach kids the way they need to face situations in life. We have a large collection of bedtime stories, moral stories, Aesop’s stories, Birbal stories, fairy-tales, and more. Browse for our fantastic stories for kids below, and keep yourself and your little ones motivated.

Fun Brains stories for kids are written in simple English to understand the essence and moral. They are also a good tool for engaging kids to learn reading and share values through them.

List of Fun Brains Fantastic Stories

The boy and the mongoose

Mongoose and Snake Moral Story for Kids

Moral Stories (Mongoose and Snake Moral Story for Kids: inspired by the story of The Brahmin and the Mongoose from ...
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The Wise King

The Wise King

Story of a Wise King: Once, in a small country, there lived a barber. He worked hard but spent less ...
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Greedy Fox

The Greedy Fox

The Greedy Fox: Once upon a time there lived a fox in a jungle between two villages. The fox was good ...
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Poor dog

Poor Dog

This story (Poor Dog) is submitted by Maria John, a student of Good Shepard Public School (Changanacherry, India). Once upon a ...
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The oil lamp

The Oil Lamp

The Oil Lamp: A man owned a talking lamp. One day, the lamp started boasting of its light. “See how ...
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Shrewd Fox and the Foolish Horse – 2

Before you read this story, make sure that you have read the first part of it. After being fooled by ...
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The Monkeys and the Cap Seller

One day, a cap seller was returning home after a disappointing day in the market. He could not sell much ...
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Which One Is The Real Flower?

Which One Is The Real Flower?: The wisdom of King Solomon spread all over the world. When Queen Sheba heard ...
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Who Will Be The King?

Long ago, even before the origin of humans, there lived a few animals in the forest. Some of them were ...
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Read a kid story and share it in your style with your child. Our stories are the best recipe for inspiring your children and to bring creativity and fun in them.