Fire Resistant Balloons

Fire Resistant Balloons

I don’t think balloons are fire resistant. We all know that balloons are vulnerable to fire. Is it possible to give strength to our poor balloons to withstand the attacks of fire? Let’s try it out with this experiment. This experiment uses fire and so it must be done only under the supervision of an adult.

Try it yourself

You need:

  1. 2 Balloons
  2. Funnel
  3. Bowl of water (ice cold water is preferred)
  4. Matches or lighter (this experiment must be done only under the supervision of adults)
  5. Candle

What next?

Step 1: Blowup one of the balloons.

Step 2: Light up the candle using the matches or lighter.

Step 3: Take your balloon over the candle fire.

I am sure that it will blast and blow away the candle even.

Step 4: Now use the funnel and fill water into the balloon.

Step 5: Once again you may light up the candle.

Step 6: Take your balloon another time over the fire.

This time the fire is unable to blast the balloon.


How can balloons resist fire? What’s the logic? The coldness of water is not allowing the fire to melt rubber.

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