Fizz Inflator

Fizz Inflator

Balloons are fun to play with, but Inflating a balloon is truly a pain when you have dozens of them to do. I tried it once on my daughter’s birthday and it hurt my cheeks for two days. During my search for alternative methods for inflating a balloon, I found this interesting science activity. In Fizz Inflator experiment we are using baking soda and vinegar to inflate balloons so easily. Try it and enjoy the fun.

Try it yourself

You need:

  1. One small empty plastic bottle (something similar to 250ml Coca Cola or Pepsi bottle)
  2. Vinegar
  3. Balloon
  4. Baking Soda
  5. Funnel or a paper cone

What next?

Step 1: Carefully pour vinegar into the bottle up to 35 to 40% of it.

Step 2: Use the funnel and fill some baking soda (may be around 2 to 3 tbsp) into the balloon.

Step 3: Now insert the neck of balloon to the bottle mouth, without spilling or dropping the Baking Soda. Make sure that the balloon is tight on the bottle.

Step 4: Now slowly lift the balloon so that the baking powder will fall into the bottle.

You will instantly see some reaction inside the bottle. This will also start inflating the balloon.


Why is it happening? The baking soda that you dropped into the vinegar makes an acid-base reaction. The reaction produces carbon dioxide in the bottle and the overflowing carbon dioxide fills the balloon to inflate it without our intervention. So, if you liked our self-inflating balloon or fizz inflator experiment, please write your experience in the comments below. You can find some such experiments in our YouTube Channel :>> Fun Brains Channel

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