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Welcome to Fun Brains! This is the home for creative learning of science with a vast collection of science experiments, science projects, fun facts, stories, science quizzes, science news, and more. You can browse and explore our categories from the menu or from the sidebar. We customize science for kids.

Fun Brains Offers Simplified Science for Kids!

Science for Kids

Look around! Everything around us is based on science. Science explains why and how of our everyday life and things around our life. Fun Brains simplifies science for kids and make their learning easy and interesting.

Fun Facts

Fun Brains facts are fun and amazing. We have a wide range of fun and engaging information that gives light to science, technology, and others. Our fun facts are crisp and short that keeps you on toe.

Science Experiments and Science Projects for Kids

We have a large collection of science experiments that kids and adults can perform and enjoy. Experiments are amazing way to engage, entertain and educate students of all ages. Let’s make ourselves free and try with different things to see what happens.

Some of our home science experiments include:

We also have several interesting science project ideas for school children. We have project ideas for different age groups and different grades. You can select a science project idea from our collection and outshine your friends in the upcoming science fair.

Stories for Kids

Fun Brains stories are collected carefully and presented in a simplified way to cheer and inspire kids. Our stories collection includes moral stories, bedtime stories, folktales, Akbar and Birbal stories, Aesop’s stories, and more.

Science News for Kids

Why science news for kids? We use science news for kids to help them learn and remain updated about the recent developments in the world of science. We aggregate news from different sources and present them on Fun Brains Science News Section for the students to easily access.