Is it Gas or Solid for Sound: Part 1?

Experiments & Chemical Reactions

ExperimentsIs it gas or solid (Part 1)? We know that sound travels. We hear the sound of thunder after a lightning. The actual lightning must have taken place a couple of miles away. Now the question is, does sound travels better on gas or solid? Let us try this simple experiment and learn the traveling medium of sound.

Try it yourself

You need:

  1. Two threads (each almost 30 centimeters long)
  2. A cloth hanger (metal hanger)

That’s all.

What next?

Step 1: Take the threads and tie them to each ends of the hanger.

Step 2: Hold the threads up by their free ends and let the hanger hang on it.

Step 3: Bang the hanger against an object (a table or a chair)

Step 4: You must listen the banging sound of the hanger. Listen how loud the sound is.

Step 5: Repeat the steps but hold the strings connected to your ears using your fingers. Listen how loud the sound is.

The second activity must be louder than the first.


You will see that the banging sound is louder when the strings are attached to your ears. This is because, sound travel better through solid medium than gaseous medium. String is a solid medium.

See our second experiment: Gas or Solid Part II.

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