The Grasslands

The Grasslands

The GrasslandsThe Grasslands: Grasslands, the name explain what it is. Grasslands are among the biomes which are mostly of grasses. These biomes are the places where there is not sufficient rainfall to support a forest to grow and also too much rain to classify it as a desert. Grasslands are not completely free from trees. There are infrequent trees and some flowering plants.

There are two types of grasslands – temperate grasslands and tropical grasslands. Most tropical grasslands are found in the southern hemisphere but temperate grasslands are located on the northern hemisphere. The best example for tropical grassland is the African Savanna. African savannas are always warm but they gets two different seasons yearly – the rainy season and the dry season. The grasses on African Savanna can be too short or can grow up to 7 feet long.

Temperate grasslands too have two distinct seasons – the dormant season and the growing season. During the growing season the grasses can grow up to ΒΌ inch to a feet. During dormant season the grasses will not grow rather die. They return to the cycle of growth and flourish as the growing season arrives. Temperate grasslands usually experience ten inches of rain every year.

The grasslands usually own fertile soil and flat surface. Some of the richest farms in the world are found in American grasslands. In United States of America, these grasslands are known as prairies while in South America they are famous as pampas.

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