Gravity: The Force That Holds You Down

Falling Apple

Falling AppleCan you imagine to have a day without touching the floors? Do you think a floating day would have been so thrilling? In fact, if such a day really comes, you wouldn’t enjoy it and instead curse the day. It is gravity that holds us down towards the Earth. If not this magical force, it would be impossible for us to exist in this Universe.

What is Gravity?

It is a mysterious force that creates attraction between two objects with masses. Due to gravity, the objects with masses may behave like magnets. The Earth has a stronger gravity that holds all the objects on the planet close to it.

If all the objects with masses have this mysterious force, why are we not feeling it? This is because the Earth has a much higher gravity than what we have. The gravity of an object depends upon its size; the bigger the object the higher its gravity. Also, the closer you are to the object, the stronger you feel its gravity.

“It is affected by the size of the objects.
It is also affected by the proximity of the objects.”

If there is no such mysterious force, and if you kicked a┬ástone, it would fly forever, unless a stopping force interferes. Furthermore, in the absence of this magical force, we would have been floating here and there. Floating is fun, but only for a few minutes. It is the gravity that holds the Earth in its position – at an exact distance from the Sun. Positioning of the Sun, the Earth, its Moon, other planets, and all other objects in the Universe makes the Universe in its shape, style, and format as we know it today. This is also the reason for us to have our planet a livable one – not so hot and not so cold.

Why gravity exists? Physics is still trying to get a clear answer for this question. Hence, gravity is considered a mysterious force.

What is weight?

Weight is the result of gravity. In other words, it is the force of gravity on an object. The weight of an object on the Earth is not the same across the planet and also outside the planet. For example, the gravity of the Moon is much weaker than that of the Earth. Hence, the weight of an object on the Moon weighs much lighter than its weight on the Earth.

Some More Interesting Facts

  1. Though people experienced gravity since the birth of human race, it was Sir Isaac Newton who first described the phenomenon mathematically. Sir Isaac Newton’s theory of Law of Universal Gravitation first explained this force. The theory was later improved by Albert Einstein by developing his theory of relativity.
  2. The Sun, the Moon, and various other objects in the Universe have their own gravity. Tides are caused by the gravity of the Moon.
  3. Unlike magnets, garvity only attracts, never repels.
  4. Larger masses have stronger gravity. If a box that weighs 100 pounds on Earth is measured on Jupiter, it would weigh a stunning 236 pounds.

It is also fun to do some fun projects and experiments on this mysterious force.
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