The Greedy Fox

Greedy Fox

Greedy FoxThe Greedy Fox: Once upon a time there lived a fox in a jungle between two villages. The fox was good at hunting and she lived happily in the jungle.

There was road passing through the jungle that connected the two villages. One day, the fox failed to find any food and she was extremely tiered. She was sleeping under a tree and then she heard the sound of humans. Suddenly she hid herself behind the tree.

They were two humans. They carried a bag of food which they kept in a small hole on the tree before taking their mid-noon nap. The fox saw the food bag and she sneaked in to the hole. She ate the food just to fill her stomach and quickly escaped from the site.

The next day she got another few travellers from whom she theft and enjoyed her food. On the third day, the greedy fox was a bit more daring. She sneaked into the hole, ate her food until her stomach was overly filled. With her puffed-up belly she couldn’t get out of the hole. Soon the travellers woke up and found the greedy fox. They gave her a sound thrashing.

Moral of the story: Excess of anything can harm

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