History of the Automobile

History of Transport
History of the Automobile

History of the Automobile: Automobiles brought many changes to our life. Since long, far back in the ancient ages, people and resources had to be moved from places to places. There is used to be some means of transportation, but not automobiles. The history of transport has a new turn in the technology. Automobiles just contributed to the evolution of transport, and still evolving.

Development of today’s automobiles came through different phases and from different countries and contributors. The phases swung from steam propelled to gas, petrol, and diesel powered automobiles in different eras.

The initial phase of automobiles was with steam-powered technology. The first known steam-powered automobile was born in 1672 in the hands of Ferdinand Verbiest, who developed it as a toy for the Chinese Emperor in 1672. The toy vehicle was too small to accommodate even a driver within, yet it must be considered as the first automobile.

In 1770, Nicolas Joseph Cugnot of France demonstrated a steam forced automobile. Nicolas’s automobile was large enough to carry people and cargo. However, his design was declared impractical and shelved by the French. Later in 1784, William Murdoch developed a working model of steam vehicle. It was only in 1789 the first automobile was patented. The United States of America granted the first patent to Oliver Evans in 1789 for the automobile.

Later, the automobile industry passed through different phases. In 1832 to 1839 Electric Cariages were developed in Switzerland by Robert Anderson. In 1885 – 86, Karl Friedrich Benz, brought the first true automobile to the world. It was powered by gasoline. Karl Friedrich Benz’s automobile was a three wheeled vehicle powered by internal combustion engine. Since Karl Benz, automobile industry is growing dramatically and still winning many improvements.

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