History of the Bicycle

History of the Bicycle
History of the Bicycle
History of the Bicycle

History of the Bicycle: Bicycles have been around since 1817, and passed through much evolutionary changes. The first bicycles were completely different from the ones that we are seeing here today. They were by name bicycles but were not comfortable even near to the bicycles today.

The first practical bicycle was developed by Baron von Drais in 1817. Drais’s bicycle had no pedals but had two wheels. In 1839, Kirkpatrick MacMilan improvised the earliest bicycle by including cranks and treadmills to the rear axle. MacMilan’s bicycle had also two wheels. Pedals were added to the front wheel in 1858. Later in 1868 velocipedes were manufactured in America, and in 1869 solid rubber tyres took the place of iron velocipede tyres.

The other major evolutions on bicycles include,

1870s high-wheeled bicycles

1885: Rover Safety bicycles which were marketed as safer than high wheelers

1888: Introduction of pneumatic tyres (air filled tyres). This was invented by John Boyd Dunlop.

1940s: Kick-stands were developed for the bicycles.

1960s: Racing bicycles

1996: Mountain bicycles

Still bicycles are being modified and improvised.

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