History of Transport

History of Transport
History of Transport

History of Transport: Transport and means of transports have a great influence on our life today. There are different means and medium of transports. However, the origin of transport was believed to have started with land transport.

The developments and innovations in transport were to improve the convenience and speed at a reduced cost. People made earth tracks initially for carrying goods. When humans started to domesticate animals such as horses, donkeys, and cows, they had their own contributions to the track development. Trade between places increased the traffic and the tracks got prominence in human life.

It is believed that animal-pulled vehicles were developed and used during 5000 BC. It was first used in Ancient Near East and later accepted in India, Europe, and China. The innovation of Roman Roads was to meet the Roman demands for expanding their empire.

Many arguments states that for people to reach Australia (which is an island) boats were used which were capable to sail through sea. It is believed that people reached Australia via sea between 40,000 and 70,000 years ago. This means water transport was in practice even before that time or at least by that time.

In addition to the land transport and water transport, rail transport was developed some 500 years ago. However, aviation industry is much newer among all. Though dreams of flying were not new to humans, scientific researches in this field were begun only between 17th and 18th century. Even after all researches, humans had to wait until the Wright brothers to design the first powered and controlled aircraft that is heavier than air. Wright Brothers flew their first aircraft on 17th December of 1903.

Humans moved ahead from there to spaceflights and human spaceflights in the same century of Wright Brother’s.

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