How Do Stars Die?


What do you mean by ‘Death of a Star?’

starWe have learned about the origin of stars. We have also discussed that the death of stars leave much valuable elements on this universe for its existence. If so, how do these stars die? Does that mean our Sun too die one day? Yes, Sun too is a star and it is expected to die one day. You may read more about our sun here. Anyway, in this lesson we will be discussing about the death of a star.

All the stars in our universe do not die the same manner. Some die suddenly and some eventually. However, the death of a star usually takes millions of years. A star similar to that of our sun exhausts all its hydrogel fuel and then expands to become a red giant. These red giants are very huge even to reach 1000 times the sun today. After shredding off its outer layers, the sun becomes a dense white dwarf. Even a teaspoon full of materials from these white dwarfs weigh beyond our imaginations – it can weigh up to 100 tons. It takes many more millions of years for these white dwarfs to cools down and be invisible.

The bigger stars, almost eight times bigger than the sun, ends their life quicker than the smaller ones. As their fuel exhaust, they turn to red super-giants and try burning different fuels. At last, in a few million years, they explode into a huge supernova. The supernova shines brighter than all the stars in its galaxy for almost ten days before it disappears. The elements from supernova explosion scatter through the space and help to form new stars.

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