How to make dry ice at home?

How to make dry ice at home?

How to make dry ice at home?Make Dry Ice At Home – Dry Ice, if you did not read our lesson – What Do You Mean By Dry Ice’, is simply the solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2).  There are several commercial uses for dry ice. There are also many interesting experiments with dry ice. For enjoying these dry ice experiments we need to either buy dry ice from a lab supplier, or we should make dry ice at home. Making at home? Yes, here we are going to discuss about how to make dry ice at home. This experiment needs proper safety precautions and an adult’s supervision. Do not try it without an adult’s supervision. 

Try it yourself

You need:

  1. Cloth Gloves or Leather Gloves
  2. A cloth bag
  3. Tape
  4. A Carbon Dioxide tank or a soda maker.

What next?

Arrange a clear area for your work space with the materials required to make dry ice. Wear your gloves to avoid frostbite.

Step 1:  Put the nozzle of the carbon dioxide tank/soda maker inside the cloth bag. Wrap the cloth bag with tape to securely collect the dry ice from it. 

Step 2: Press and release the nozzle for allowing CO2 flow in a jet to the cloth bag. You will notice that the vapour gets collected in the cloth bag. Just don’t bother the vapour escaping your cloth bag. Some carbon dioxide may escape in the process. 

Step 3: Turn off the valve and take the cloth bag off from the nozzle. Shake it and open. You can see dry ice in your bag. Touching too long on the dry ice bag or the dry ice itself can cause frostbite. 

How To Store Dry ice:

Transfer the dry ice from cloth bag to an open jar, don’t close the jar that leads to explosion, and keep the jar in the freezer. Switch off the power for extended period. On the other hand the freezer becomes too cold and shut off. There are also other ways to make dry ice at your home. Check our fire extinguisher method to make dry ice at home. 

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