Invention of the Wheel

Invention of wheel
Invention of Wheels

Invention of the Wheel: Can you imagine a life without wheels? How will you go to school then? How will your dad go to office? How can your mom go to market? How will the shop keepers bring their products? No, today wheels are the part of our life.

Wheel is considered as one of the revolutionary inventions that pushed transportation industry ahead. They are circular parts that are designed to rotate on axle to move something from one place to another. This doesn’t mean that a wheel is used only to move something; it is also used in applications other than transport. For example, potter’s wheel is used not to transport something, and so steering wheel.

This mechanical invention was the result of human’s necessity to move and travel. However, the studies done the diagrams of the ancient clay tablets say that the earliest use of wheels were in the potters’ workshop. It is believed that wheels were used by potters during the early 3500 BC. The known use of wheels gained a role in transportation. Mesopotamian chariots used wheels in 3200 MC.

Egyptians developed wheels with spokes in 2000 BC. Mythologies of India too depicted chariots with wheels. However, it is believed that in Europe wheels were developed only in 1400 BC. The industrial revolution brought much more significance to wheels by introducing them into almost all technologies.Read more about Industrial Revolution here:

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