Who Will Be The King?

KingLong ago, even before the origin of humans, there lived a few animals in the forest. Some of them were strong and some were weak. The strong dominated the forest and the weak were killed as prey or for fun. The animals decided to make rules in the forest to save the animal kingdom. They agreed on some conditions. The first condition was not to kill if it is not for food. All the animals agreed to it. The second condition was to obey the King. Every animal agreed to the second condition as well, but who will be the king?

“Elephant is the best to be the King,” the weaker animals said.

“No, it must be the Lion. He is strong and courageous,” the stronger animals argued.

Finally, the animals decided to vote and select their King. The animals excluded the contestants – the Lion and the Elephant and moved towards a large ground. They discussed and debated on the issue. However, the fox seemed so keen to elect Lion as the King. Actually, the Lion had put the fox in charge to make sure that the Lion to win the contest. “If I am not elected as the King, you will die,” the Lion had warned the fox before.

In the campaigning ground, the fox noticed that the trend is supporting the elephant. He then spoke to a few small animals that if the Lion is not been elected, he would hunt everyone. He threatening had effect on the election process, but still at the time of counting, the verdict was a tie between the contestants.

The animals finally decided to select the king through a fight between the contestants. The Elephant was willing but the Lion had doubts about his own success. He was worried. The fox was worried as well. If the Lion fails in the fight, it would be the end of the fox. Then he designed a new plan.

He knew that the Elephant sleeps by standing. He asked the Lion to cut the nearby tree over to the Elephant. The Lion did so, and as the tree fell on the Elephant, the elephant lost its balance and collapsed. The Lion then jumped over the Elephant and declared himself the winner. The entire forest witnessed the Lion that is sitting over the Elephant and accepted him as their King. Even today, Lion rules the forest.

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