What Do You Know About Black Holes?

black holes
black holes
Black Hole

You know that our Earth has gravity, and so for our Sun and almost all the objects out there in the space. Black hole is a mystery in the space that has extraordinary space. The gravity of black holes are so strong that even light does not escape from its grip. The strength of gravity is too high as the matter is highly dense. One of the reasons for such high density matter is dead stars.

As the light does not escape black-holes, these places in the space are invisible. Scientists use telescopes with unique tools to hunt black-holes. Using these telescopes they study the nature and behavior of stars which are close to the black-holes.

Some black holes are big but there are also small black holes. The size of black holes is not uniform. There are three different types of black-holes based on their size. We will see about these types of black-holes in another article.

NASA uses satellites and telescopes to research on black-holes. The space crafts with specially designed equipment takes closer images of black holes which helps scientists to study more about the black-holes.

Scientists say that at the center of Milky Way Galaxy there exists a super-massive black hole. You know that black-holes are so strong in their gravitational force as well. Now, at least some of you must be worried whether this black hole could eat our solar system. Don’t worry; there are no black-holes near to earth or near to our solar system.

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