Do You Know: What Causes Day and Night?

day and night

Day & nightWe experience days and nights and see sunrises and sunsets. Most part of the earth experiences as we do. Days come after the sun rises and nights arrive after the sun sets. However, do you know that in some places on the Earth it is different from us?So what causes Day & night :

First of all, let us understand what causes day and night. Day and night is the result of the Earth’s spinning. As our planet rotates on its axis, a part of it faces the Sun and that part receives sunlight from the Sun to have day. The other part which is hidden from the Sun lacks sunlight and experiences night.

The Earth’s axis is tilted, and this causes the region near to poles to experience different from the rest of the world. The poles will have six months continuous days and six months continuous days. Now, the question is which pole will have six months continuous days during which months? Try to learn more about it from your friends and teachers. Write your answers in the comment box below.

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