Do You Know: Why We Need Sleep?


sleepIs sleep not a waste of time? We could play or study during that time as well, couldn’t we? No, it is not a waste of time. Sleep is also not a time that our mind and body go hibernated. Sleep is an active phase in our daily life. There are many important processes and restoration happening during the time of sleep.So we need sleep.

Sleep is a regular and essential phase of our life. There are no specific answers for the question, why do we sleep. Only thing that we know is that when we sleep our body restores and helps our brain to recover.

During the active time (usually day time), our brain connects itself with other parts of our body. As we sleep, the brain seems to strengthen essential connections and cut off the unwanted ones. If you lack sleep, the behavior of genes in your body cells changes. It causes stress and ultimately drives your body to various illnesses.  also causes weakness and inefficient performance.

How many hours of sleep do we require? A newborn requires somewhere between 14 to 17 hours of sleep. An infant requires 12 to 15 hours. See the chart below to understand the required amount of sleep by different age groups.

Age Group New born
(0 – 3 months)
(4 – 11 months)
(1 – 2 years)
(3 – 5 years)
(6 – 13 years)
(14 – 17 years)
(18 – 25 years)
Middle Ager
(26 – 64 years)
(65+ years)
Sleep hours 14 to 17 12 to 15 11 to 14 10 to 13 9 to 11 8 to 10 7 to 9 7 to 9  

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