Do You Know: Why there are No Dinosaurs in the World Today?


dinosaursWho said dinosaurs are extinct? We are still seeing dinosaurs. Okay, we will discuss about that but let’s understand who these dinosaurs are. First of all, dinosaurs are not just like lions or monkeys of similar animals. They are a diverse group of animals. They lived on our planet from Jurassic Period (about 200 million years ago) until the end of Cretaceous Period (66 million years ago). It is estimated that during most groups of dinosaurs undergone extinction at the end of (66 million years ago). Here we are going to discuss about the dinosaurs extinction.

Now, if most dinosaurs have undergone extinction some 66 million years ago, how can we see a dinosaur today? During late 20th century, from the fossil records and by using the reverse evolution genetic engineering, it is found that today’s birds are the followers of feathered dinosaurs. It is estimated that the birds evolved from a type of dinosaurs called maniraptoran theropods.

But where the other dinosaurs have gone? About 65 million years ago, a huge asteroid collided (it is the most popular belief) with our planet. This collision and its catastrophic effects on the global environment caused the extinction of some 75% of the living species on earth. Dinosaurs were among them too. This extinction event is known as Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction or K-T extinction.

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