The Little Monkey and the Cap Seller


Days passed, and so years; the cap seller grown old and weak. His grandson, who had a passion for selling caps, decided to take over the grandfather’s business. The boy pursued some good advice from his grandfather to which the grandfather shared his experience he had had from the gang of monkeys. “Okay grandpa, if those monkeys come, I know what to do,” the grandson confidently walked off the house with a basket full of caps.

The boy was tired on his way to the market and took a snap under the same old tree. As the boy was asleep, a little monkey who resided on the tree climbed down to pick all the caps. Unfortunately, one of the caps he carried with him to the tree fell off from his hands to the sleeping boy’s face.

The boy, hit by the cap, lost his sleep and saw the monkey carrying his caps. The monkey was already high up on the tree and far from the boy’s reach.

The boy recalled the story that his grandfather shared with him that morning. He was sure what to do and he picked the cap that fell off from the monkey. The monkey was by then settled on a branch. The boy threw the cap upward, but the little monkey did not react. The monkey slowly placed the caps in his hand on one of the branches and waited for the boy’s next action.

The boy took the cap once again and threw it towards the monkey. This time the monkey reacted. The little creature caught the cap he lost as he climbed the tree and kept that too safe on the branch. This time the boy was too disappointed and started screaming and yelling. The little monkey climbed down the tree and approached the boy. “I too have grandfathers,” the little monkey whispered in the ears of the boy.

Moral of the story: Do not play the same tricks. And, do not underestimate your opponent.

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