Make Tornado In a Bottle

Tornado in a bottle
Tornado in a bottle
Tornado in a bottle

Make tornado in a bottle – We all love to do fascinating things. Is it possible to make a terrifying and amazing weather phenomenon in a bottle? If Yes, It should be more fascinating, right? Here we are going to make a fast moving funnel shaped tornado. For this fun science activity we only require a bottle with water, washing soap, and a bit of spinning. Adding some glitters or colour and oil can make it more attractive. Trying this experiment can help you understand the physical properties of a tornado.

Try it yourself

You need:

  1. A plastic bottle – 1
  2. Water
  3. Dish soap – 2-3 drops
  4. Coloured oil / Glitter – Optional

What next?

Step 1: Pour water into the bottle. Leave some space of air at the top.

Step 2: Add 3 drops of dish soap to it.

Step 3: Add any food colour, coloured oil or glitter to get the tornado in an easier way.

Step 4: Seal the bottle and shake well.

Step 5: Spin the bottle by holding the top or bottom of it in a loose circular vortex. Spin for a few seconds, water begin to swirl in the center like a tornado. Spin the bottle upside down to get better result.

Spin faster and enjoy the fun. Keep it at your house to play with your friends.


What is the logic of this tornado in a bottle experiment? The logic is very simple. Spinning the jar in a circular way makes a vortex inside the bottle. The centripetal force (inward force that pulls a liquid or an object towards the center of its circular way) creates the vortex. The same vortex is what we see as a tornado.

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