Make Clouds from A Bottle


cloudsWe have already made some clouds using water. Now let us keep water away and use some alcohol to make our own clouds. Consumption of alcohol is highly injurious to health. But we are not consuming the alcohol… We are using it to perform a simple home experiment of making our own clouds.

Make sure that you are doing this experiment only under the supervision of an adult.

Try it yourself

You need:

  1. A plastic bottle (similar to 250ml Coca Cola or Pepsi bottle)
  2. Regular alcohol
  3. A cork with a hole through its middle
  4. A bicycle pump
  5. Someone’s help

What next?

Step 1: Pour some of the alcohol into the bottle.

Step 2: Use the cork to cover the bottle mouth air tight.

Step 3: Use the bicycle pump to pump in more air to the bottle.

Step 4: If you feel the air is full and extremely tight inside the bottle, remove the cork and the pump together in a jiff.

You will instantly see clouds forming inside the bottle and flowing outward.


Why is it happening? Do your own research and let us know. Write your findings in our comments below…

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