Make A Duck Sound Whistle

Duck Sound Whistle

Duck Sound WhistleI know that most of you love whistles. I too love whistles. This is not the usual whistle that we are going to make. This whistle uses a high vibration that causes a sound that is similar to duck calls . So we call it as duck sound whistle.

Try it yourself

You need:
  1. Straw
  2. Scissors

And that’s all. As Scissors are used in the activity, please do it under the administration of an adult.

What next?

Step 1: Flatten the entire stretch of the straw

Step 2: Cut one end of the straw to have the end of straw pointing outward like a pencil.

We are almost ready with our duck whistle.

Step 3: Use the non-pointed end in your mouth and blow air inward quickly.

You will listen to the duck call sound.

What’s the Logic of Duck Sound Whistle?

Is it science or magic? Of course it is science. The sound is produced when the pointed edges of the straw vibrates very fast against each other. The vibrations produced by your blow created sound that is similar to a duck call. This experiment thus teaches us that vibrations produce sound. The sound can vary depending upon many factors including the rate of vibration.

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