Make a Lamp From an Orange

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Make a Lamp From An Orange | Lamps provide light and they are always inspirational. Some of our festivals like Deepawali (Diwali) in India, Christmas among the French, Hanukkah among the Jews, and Loi Krathong in Thailand uses lamps and lights during the celebrations.

In this experiment, we are using a few easy to fetch household items to make a lamp from an orange. Making a lamp yourself is fun and motivating. However, using of fire and knife in this activity needs caution. This activity must be administered by an adult.

You Need:

  1. An orange
  2. A knife
  3. A matchbox or a lighter
  4. Some lamp oil, and
  5. An adult to supervise

Try It Yourself:

Step 1: Do slit through the center of the orange. No need to cut the orange into two spheres; only a slit that cuts the peel works better.

Step 2: Use your finger in between the slit and separate the peel and the fleshy orange inside.

Step 3: Do the step 2 for making out two cups of orange peels from two sides of the slit. When separating, you will get the orange peel cups with a ‘thread-like’  stem in the middle of them. Leave the stem unaffected.

Step 4: Pour in some lamp oil to cover the stem. Let it stay for 2 to 3 minutes for the stem to soak.

Step 5: Light the lamp using a matchbox or a lighter.

Step 6: If you can cut and open the top of other half, it can be used as a shade for your orange peel lamp.

Your orange peel lamp not only spreads light but also gives out nice fragrance. Enjoy it and keep visiting us. 

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