Mammals Facts

mammals facts

mammals factsMammals are animals too, and they are vertebrates even. Mammals are among the 5 main classifications of vertebrates. What is special about mammals from the other animals? Or what makes the mammals different from the other animals? Yes, it is their glands that produce milk to feed their offspring. Yeah, we humans are mammals, and so are the dogs, cats, cows, and the wild foxes.These are some mammals facts:

Most mammals give birth to their babies, but not all. Platypus is among the rare mammals that lay eggs rather than giving birth to live babies. Again, when it comes to mammals, most of them have hair or fur. It is studied that some whales and dolphins do not have hair.

There are no truly cold-blooded mammals, but mammals like mole rats and bats are incapable to maintain an ideal body temperature. This means that most mammals are warm-blooded. Again, most mammals have teeth except a few like the anteaters and some species of whales.

The largest animal is Blue Whale, and since it is a mammal it is also the largest mammal. However, Blue Whale lives underwater and that makes Elephant to be the largest land mammal. When Etruscan shrew is the world’s smallest mammal in weight, Kitti’s Hog-nosed Bat (also known as the Bumblebee Bat) is the smallest mammal in size.

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