Marine Biome

Marine Biome

Marine BiomeMarine Biome: Marine is one of the underwater Biome on our planet. It is also the largest biome in this world. Marine covers about 70% of our planet’s surface. The Marine biome is mainly of the saltwater oceans. Marine Biome is one of the two major water biomes – the marine biome and the freshwater biome.

The marine biome has a higher influence on the climate that we experience on the Earth. The marine biome helps to have rainfall through evaporation. The marine also supports large number of organisms which are very vital for the existence of our planet and life on the planet. So, the marine is another important biome on the Earth.

Marine Biomes are of three different types – the Oceans, the coral reefs, and the estuaries.

The oceans include the five major oceans on our planet. These oceans are the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Indian, the Arctic, and the Southern. Oceans make the largest of all ecosystems in the world. You may read more about the oceans here.

The Coral reefs are much smaller when compared to the oceans but they are vital for a large group of marine life. Around 25% of marine species live in the coral reefs. To learn more about the coral reefs, click here.

The estuaries are a bit complex among the three types of marine biomes. Estuaries are the regions in marine where rivers and streams mix with the ocean (or flows into the ocean). This biome makes unique to the others with matchless plants and animals. Click here to learn more about the estuaries.

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