Mass Extinction Affecting Thousands of Species

Lions in the list of Mass Extinction
Lions in the list of Mass Extinction
Population of Lions in Africa is reduced to 15% during the last 100 years

Scientists say that there have been 5 mass extinction events on our planet during the last 500 million years. These events caused the sudden disappearance of several species from our planet. Scientists who track various species around the planet believe that a sixth mass extinction is on its way. The researchers consider the sixth mass extinction “more severe than perceived”. They presume the event to wipe out thousands of species from the Earth.

Giraffes are Included to the watch list
Giraffes are Included to the watch list

A study that was published on Monday (10-07-2017) in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scholars from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and Stanford University revealed a crude report of population trends among 27,600 species around the world, which included 177 mammals. The researchers unveiled the stunning truth of an extensive decay of population.

How will that affect humans and the life on our planet? Will Earth remain habitable?

Some of the species are not going to face a complete extinction but a considerable decline. Though not an extinction in full, a decline in population can also affect vegetation and natural habitats. This can in turn affect the food chain resulting in certain undesired outcomes.

While the past mass extinction events were due to the result of natural events such as climatic changes, volcanic eruptions, growth of new plant species, or asteroid strikes, the sixth mass extinction is just because of the humans.

Poaching, deforestation, pollution, and what else? We are the reason for the adverse weather changes that resulting to the current global warming. We are becoming more and more selfish. We must realize that while taking away the abode of others, we are killing our own species.

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