Melting Under Sun Project

Melting Under Sun

Melting Under SunDo you know what melting means? Melting is a change of state phenomenon. In simple words it is the process of changing from solid state to liquid state. There are four basic states of matter – solid, liquid, gas, and plasma.  Here we are trying to do a project on melting where we try to transform solid substances to liquid matter – the melting under sun project. This is a fun project which can be done by beginners and juniors to understand the process of melting.

Try it yourself

You need:

  1. 8 plastic containers
  2. Ice cubes
  3. Broken pieces of crayons
  4. Broken wax of candle
  5. Butter
  6. Cheese
  7. Chocolate
  8. Iron piece
  9. Wooden piece
  10. An A4 size paper
  11. Pencil

What next?

Step 1: Prepare a report chart using the A4 size paper and pencil. See the model chart below:

Material Do you think it will melt?

(Yes/No/To Some Extend)


(Yes/No/To Some Extend)

Ice Cubes
Iron Piece
Wooden Piece

Step 2: Keep each of your material to undergo experiment in each of the plastic containers.

Step 3: Keep the containers with the experiment materials under sunshine.

Step 4: Keep observing the materials after every regular intervals. 

Step 5: Record your observations and conclude.


Substances of different properties have different melting points. Melting is a process of changing from solid state of a substance to liquid state as the temperature varies. Sun generates heat and that heat (what we are receiving here at the earth) is enough for certain materials to melt. We have science lessons that explains melting, melting point, and the factors that affect melting point. Please visit our lessons related to melting here

To make Melting Under Sun Project more interesting, you can try changing the substances that you are using. It is also a good idea to use a stopwatch and note the time taken by different substances to melt under the sun (if at all any of them melts).

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