Mint’s Cooling Effect Project

Mint's cooling effect
Mint's cooling effect
Mint Leaves

Does mint has really a cooling effect?

Mint is a family of herbs which has almost 18 different species within. These are aromatic and usually perennial plants. They are famous for their cool aftertaste once consumed. Mint leaves are widely used in teas, candies, syrups, jellies, toothpaste, and many more. Many people, including me, enjoy the aromatic refreshing taste of mint. The question here is – Is the refreshing feeling really due to mint’s cooling effect?

This project can be performed by Intermediate and Senior students. If you are a Senior student, you may also do a research on the uses of mint leaves. Which medicines use mint effect and why? Can we really substitute these mint leaves with some other herbs?

Many herbs, like chemicals, do have negative effects on human biological system, if consumed excessively. You can also try studying the positive and negative effects of mint leaves on human biological system.

Project Question:

Does mint really lower the temperature when used in another element or compound?

Things that you need:

  1. Glass tumblers of equal size – 2
  2. Hot water to fill both the tumblers
  3. A pack of mint candies (Mentos, Polo, tic-tac, etc)
  4. Thermometer – 1
  5. Project data chart


Step 1: Fill the tumblers with hot waters in equal quantities

Step 2: Check the temperature of water in both tumblers and note on the project data chart

Step 3: Drop 5 mint candies into one of the tumblers and check the temperature after 5 minutes for both the tumblers and note them on the project data card.

Step 4: Repeat the checking of temperature for another 5 times with an interval of 5 minutes each.

Project data chart:


Temperature Records


After 5mts

After 10mts

After 15mts

After 20mts

After 25mts

After 30mts

Mint Water              
Other Water
(Control Water)



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