The Monkeys and the Cap Seller

Cap SellerOne day, a cap seller was returning home after a disappointing day in the market. He could not sell much of his caps during market hours and had a basket full of caps with him. At last, he decided to return and try his luck on the next day.

On his way home, there was a large tree. The shadow of the tree was soothing and he decided to take some rest under the tree. He placed the basket of caps on one side and took shelter from the scorching sun under the tree. Soon he fell asleep and a gang of monkeys who resided in the tree got attracted by his caps. They picked most of his caps, except one, and climbed the tree back.

When the seller found that his caps were snatched by the monkeys, he was angry for a while. He yelled and screamed at the animals. Seeing him screaming, the monkeys too screamed at the cap seller. After sometime, he found that the monkeys were imitating him.

Soon he got an idea, he picked the lone cap he had in his basket and threw it upward to the monkeys. The monkeys took the caps they had and threw them up too. Thus the all the caps fell on the ground, which the cap seller collected happily and returned home.

The story doesn’t finish here. Read the continuation at the little monkey and the cap seller.

Moral of the story: Know your opponent and play your trick.

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