Which One Is The Real Flower?

Which one is the real flower?

Which One Is The Real Flower?: The wisdom of King Solomon spread all over the world. When Queen Sheba heard about the King and his wisdom, she decided to test the King. So she traveled to Jerusalem with lots of presents for the King.

King Solomon too welcomed the queen with utmost respect. The Queen had two bouquets of flowers. One of them was made from the natural roses and the other was made out of artificial materials. Though artificial, it was impossible to differentiate it from the original.

She presented both the bouquets to the King, on his table and said, “My lord, you are the wisest of all wise and I respect your intelligence. I just want you to identify the bouquet made of natural roses from the other. But I don’t want you to touch or smell the flowers.”

The king paused for a while and asked his men to open the doors and windows to his courtyard. As the men did what he asked them to do, some honeybees flew in and sat on the natural flowers. He took no time to solve the problem set by the queen of Sheba.

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