Plant Life Quiz for Beginners and Juniors

Plant Life

Plant Life Quiz for Beginners and Juniors!

Plant Life Though the quiz is for beginners and juniors, plant life quiz can be taken by anyone who wish to test his or her basics on plant life. Plants, like you and me, have life. Their life is as complex as that of ours. Like us, they too need certain things for their survival and their growth. There are a lot many things that we need to learn about plants but the plant life quiz for beginners and juniors is just a start.

Welcome to your Plant Life: Beginners Quiz

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1. Are the plants living beings?
2. Which of the following parts of the plant helps it to absorb water from soil?
3. Which part of the plant bears branches, leaves, and flowers on it?
4. Which among the following gas is used by plants for the preparation of their food?
5. Which among the following is a pigment found in leaves that gives the green color for the plants?
6. From which of the following parts, plants on the earth can never reproduce?
7. Which of the following is not a necessity for the plant’s photosynthesis process?

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