Poor Dog

Poor dog

This story (Poor Dog) is submitted by Maria John, a student of Good Shepard Public School (Changanacherry, India).

Poor dogOnce upon a time there lived a farmer in a village. The farmer had a cute little dog. The dog was so pampered by the farmer that it rarely stepped out from the farmer’s house. The farmer made all needed arrangements for the dog within his house. Staying within the house, without any work, the dog grew its weight.

Days passed and the farmer decided to start a business. For starting the business the farmer sold his farm. He invested the money for buying silk from a Chinese friend and started selling in the Indian markets. His investment was productive; he sold all his cloths and gained a huge profit.

Being successful in his first investment, he decided to go a bit large scale. Next time he decided to buy diamonds from Africa and sell them in China. With all his money he traveled to Africa. While going off to Africa he kept the dog with one of his friends – a poor farmer.

The poor farmer was not so passionate about pets. He didn’t have enough earnings to serve his own family and that made the farmer to send the dog outside for finding its food. The dog that was overly pampered was not trained to hunt. He found a place for himself right outside the farmer’s house and slept the whole day.

For the first day, the dog neglected its hunger. However, on the second day it couldn’t stay idle. It started sniffing here and there for food. It was then he saw a piece of bone on the roadside. He walked towards the bone but before the poor dog could reach for it, a crow grabbed it and flew away. For his next chance he had to wait for a whole day; until he saw a boy trowing away his half-eaten bun.

This time he ran after the bun, yet he was late. There was a cat who got it before the poor dog. The dog that was over-weighed couldn’t chase the cat. The fate of the poor thing was same for another day. After several attempts of food-hunt, he got a slice of bread which was too small for him to be filled. Slowly, the dog learned the ethics of outside world. He made a space for himself and learned the basics of existence.

After several days, its master returned from Africa. On his arrival, the dog was so happy. Though its master invited the dog to its old luxurious stay, the dog decided to stay outside.

Moral of the story: Learn from your experiences.

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