How Does Red Cabbage Indicator Work?

cabbage pH paper

How Does Red Cabbage Indicator Work?Is red cabbage a good indicator for acidity? And if it is, how does red cabbage indicator work? Well, solutions are classified as acids, bases, or neutrals. Considering acids and bases are opposites to each other, neutrals fall in between. Acids have a low pH value while bases have high. Neutrals (for example water) has 7 pH value. Naturally acids have below 7 and bases have above 7.

How does red cabbage indicator work? The red cabbage indicator turns red in colour when it is used in some acidic solutions and green in colour when it is used in base solutions. In our Red Cabbage pH Indicator Experiment you will see the colour changes clearly. This proves red cabbage as a good indicator for acidity. Now, why this colour changes happen? A water-soluble pigment called anthocyanin is the reason for this chemical wonder. The pigment turns red when used in acid and turns blue when used in bases. Red cabbage contains this pigment which makes red cabbage special.

Are there any alternatives for red cabbage? Yes, you can substitute red cabbage with hibiscus flowers, turmeric, red radish, purple grapes, blueberries, etc. You can try with other colourful fruits or plant parts to find more alternatives.

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