Salt Separation Experiment

Salt Separation Experiment

Salt Separation Experiment

Salt Separation ExperimentKnow that everything around us is matter. Matter is anything… just anything that has mass and it takes up space. Salt and sand, both are something that have mass and they definitely occupies space. This means that salt and sand are made up of matter. What is special about salt? Slat is soluble in water while sand is not. Let us say that we accidentally mixed up salt and sand. What can we do to separate salt from the sand? Read this salt separation experiment and try it all by yourself.

This experiment involves heat and electricity. Make sure that you are under the supervision of an adult and take needed safety measures. 

Try it yourself

You need:

  1. Salt – a hand full
  2. Sand – a hand full
  3. Water
  4. Glass container – big enough to accommodate at least 1 liter of water
  5. A flat glass tray to accommodate the whole water and salt (must withstand the heat from the electric heater)
  6. An electric heater
  7. A strainer
  8. A spoon or a stirring rod

What next?

Step 1: First mix salt and sand very well.

Can you try to separate the salt from sand using a magnifying glass? I know it is impossible.

Step 2: For separating the salt from sand, first add water, and the salt-sand mixture to the glass container.

Step 3: Use the spoon or stirring rod to mix the salt-sand mixture with in the water. Make sure that the entire salt has dissolved in the water.

Step 4: Pour the water with dissolved salt, and sand into the glass tray through the strainer. The strainer must surely collect all the sand.

Step 5: Now keep the tray on the electric heater and heat the tray. Allow the water to evaporate leaving the solid salt to stay back on the tray.

That’s all. Now you will have solid salt in your glass tray, sand in your strainer and/or glass container, and the water is gone.


Salt is soluble in water while sand is not. This means that after dissolving salt in the water, we can strain out the solid sand particles. When evaporating the salt water mixture, the water evaporates while the salt remains. That’s it.

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