Sand River in Iraq – Science or Myth

Sand River in Iraq

A video published on YouTube by Jamal Khan of Iraq on 15 Nov, 2015 gone viral on social media. The video portrayed a river of sand flowing through the middle of desert. The Sand River in Iraq amazed many of our thoughts but is it science or myth?

During the early half of 2015, the region of Iraq that is known for its dry climate was stunned by its second phase ice storms with heavy rains. After witnessing hailstones the size of quail eggs by the locales, the government had to declare a state of emergency. But why there came a sand river in Iraq?

The mesmerizing sight of flowing sand river was in fact no truth. It only resembled a flowing sand river. The truth is different and that can be explained by science. What seemed like sand was a huge collection of hailstones. Though hailstones are common on elevated areas, the flow of hailstones like a river is rare. Rare means it can happen in future. However, will it happen in the same place or when will it happen next cannot be answered.

Well, making a hail at home can be fun. Try this hail making experiment at home and share your experience with us in the comments.

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