Shrewd Fox and the Foolish Horse – 2

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Before you read this story, make sure that you have read the first part of it.

After being fooled by the fox, our poor horse felt sad. He stayed a whole day and a night inside the well. He was by then tired and impatient. The next day, by around noon, a lion came through that way. The lion looked inside and saw the horse in the water. “What are you doing there?” the lion asked the horse.

“Can’t you see? I am drinking the magical water,” he replied.

“Magical water? In this well?” the lion asked again.

“Yeah, it will give you a life for thousand years,” the horse said.

Listening to the horse lion too jumped into the well. As the lion was drinking water, the horse tried to climb on his back. A strong lion reacted quick and thrashed the horse down. The horse was weak and he died immediately. The lion climbed on the horse and leaped out to escape from the well.

Moral of the story:

Play pranks only after analyzing your competent

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