Simple Megaphone Experiment

Megaphone Experiment

Megaphone ExperimentMegaphone Experiment: It is still a mystery that who between Samuel Morland and Athanasius Kircher invented megaphone first. A megaphone amplifies the sound by increasing the acoustic impedance. Megaphones also direct the sound waves to a specific direction that the announcer wished to send them. Let us try making a megaphone in a simple format.

Try it yourself

You need:

  1. A large sheet of paper
  2. A tape
  3. A friend

That’s all.

What next?

Step 1: Roll the paper sheet into a cone. Make sure that the ends of cone are open – one narrow opening and the other wide.

Step 2: Stick tape along the edge of paper to stick it tight to the shape. Your megaphone is ready.

Step 3: Talk without using your megaphone and note the loudness of your talks.

Step 4: Now talk through the megaphone and ask your friend to compare the sounds.


Megaphone Experiment Logic: Your friend will experience that the talks through megaphone louder. This is because the megaphone amplified the sound by increasing the acoustic impedance. Learn about acoustic impedance here.

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